ASUS VivoMouse and VivoPC Highlight Innovative Design at Computex

Slowly and steadily as we move forward in the age of advancing technology, ASUS has further incorporated this aspect into their new revelations. This is by the virtue of the announcements made at the Computex 2013. ASUS has officially announced the manifestation of bringing and juxtaposing innovative design to home entertainment by the broadcastment of these newly introduced devices. The VivoMouse wireless touchpad mouse and the ultra-compact VivoPC are the two new disclosures that have been announced in the current frame of reference.

The VivoMouse is the world’s first wireless mouse that dishes out an integrated multi-touch touchpad for full desktop and handheld control. The VivoPC is a stylish and compact desktop PC which possesses the necessitated functionalities to deliver high quality sound with exclusive SonicMaster audio and high-performance wireless networking thanks to 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

VivoMouse: The itemized revelation combines mouse, touchpad, and wireless remote

The itemized revelation i.e., ASUS VivoMouse is an exciting new disclosure which concentrates on bestowing a new kind of pointing device. This is by the virtue of dispensing innovative combination of traditional desktop input and supporting the concept of providing a wireless handheld remote for more casual PC control. This revelation VivoMouse can be used as a standard optical mouse which comfortably fits in the hand. Moreover, the top surface of the mouse assists in incorporating a large circular touchpad with full support for Windows 8 multi-touch gestures. Therefore this implementation has been developed in conjunction with the accruing technological advancements.

As the VivoMouse is wide and possesses a flat design, this can double up easily as mouse and desktop touchpad. Therefore this aids in the course that it can be used for Windows 8 PCs that lack a multi-touch display.ASUS VivoMouse

VivoPC : The disclosure that assists in providing small and stylish home entertainment

This notable revelation is a compact PC which is construed to be an ideal fit for home productivity and entertainment applications. It is just 56mm tall and can easily slip into the smallest of spaces. Thus accommodating it is a simplistic approach due to its representative actualization. Also it bestows a stylish spun metal finish to complement both home offices and living rooms. Additionally it is boosted with the ASUS SonicMaster audio technology that helps in providing exceptional sound quality with external speakers. Furthermore the facilitation of the high-performance 802.11ac Wi-Fi assists the progress for smooth HD video streaming and seamless web browsing.ASUS VivoPC

The characterization of the revelation has been implemented in a propitious manner. Thus this helps largely in the cases of expandability. The available sliding case presents out quick access to the two internal memory slots. Additionally the drive bay has the facility to accommodate a 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch SATA 6Gbit/s hard drive.

Pricing and Availability:

Currently there has been no word available on the pricing and availability of this device. However it is expected that this device will be available later this year.