Blaupunkt launches Velocity and Blue Magic Sound Range

Leading car infotainment and Sound system maker, Blaupunkt India marked its arrival in the consumer electronic market of India, a few months back with the launch of its new professional and consumer-centric headphones.

Today it has launched their range of high performance sound with the unveilment of Blue Magic and Velocity in Mumbai.

Velocity: The power of sound unleashed

Blaupunkt Velocity Speakers

These disclosures encompass oversized magnets, optimal basket geometry, hard-wearing surrounds and quality cone & tweeter materials. This facilitation guarantees rich sound reproduction for any music type. Therefore such divulgement is considered to be the new reference for sound and redefines the limits of what is possible.

The newest developed Velocity range uses breakthrough digital sound technology, extremely superior and innovative materials, smarter design and perfect coordination of individual components. Such a manifestation helps in making velocity clearly superior. Additionally, it guarantees outstanding live sound reproduction.

At present two models have been announced and it is expected that additional products will be realised out in 2013.

Velocity VX 692 and VC 652 are the disclosures which have been developed to a highest quality. It has been designed to fit different vehicle requirements and it ends up delivering an amazing live sound experience across a variety of music types. Furthermore, overall it produces a dynamic sound performance which the Velocity speakers can deliver at ease.

Highlights of Velocity Speakers include:

  • Oversized magnets
  • Optimal basket geometry
  • Nominal power handling: 80 watts
  • Maximum power handling: 320 watts
  • Hard -wearing surrounds, quality cone and tweeter materials guarantee rich sound reproduction for any music type
  • Breakthrough digital sound technology
  • Extremely superior and innovative materials
  •  Smarter design and perfect coordination of individual components

Blue Magic: The legendary active subwoofers

These innovative disclosures have an elegant design and possess a combination of advance materials and surfaces. Additionally it constitutes new attractive grill made of metal mesh and is a genuine treat to have in any vehicle positioned in the trunk or below any seat. Boosted with the presence of a high powered-Class D amplifier, these subwoofers are extremely efficient and bestow the facilitation of perfectly matched- up with its sophisticated subwoofers. These are designed to provide high power, deep bass, and great peak power handling.XLf200A
There are two types that arrive in this category- the XLb200 and the XLb 300A. The user is entitled to control the Gain directly from the cockpit. This is due to the availability of a Wired Gain remote control which assists the progress in this direction.XLf200A Connectors Detail

Highlights of the Blue Magic Series include:

  • Active Subwoofer enclosure with integrated Class-D Amplifier
  • Amplifier with high power output: 500 Watts RMS / 1.000 Watts Max.Power
  • Perfectly matching subwoofer with high rated and peak power handling
  • Automatic power-on via high level, RCA/Cinch and remote signal input
  • Centered speaker position
  • New attractive grill design with metal mesh
  • 6-head srews
  • Enclosure with special construction (MDF)
  • Wired Remote Control (GAIN control)
  • Special adapter for Power/Ground/Remote cables (6-head screws)