Bose Announces AE2W Bluetooth Headphones, Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker And QuietComfort 20 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose has always transcended its dominance with respect to providing excellent sound quality and bestowing exemplary performance with respect to its set of products. Therefore they understandably regarded as notable pioneers in the field of audio.

Along these lines, we have been presented to the launch of three new fascinating products in India. These are the AE2W Bluetooth headphones, the lightweight Soundlink Mini Portable Bluetooth speaker and the versatile QuietComfort 20 Noise Cancelling earphones.

AE2W Bluetooth Headphones:

The AE2W Bluetooth Headphones are a fascinating revelation that provides the necessitated functionalities in delivering improved audio performance over the traditional stereo wireless headphones. This disclosure is Bose’s first stereo Bluetooth wireless headphones and these have been devised based on the previous AE2 models in terms of design. Also, the user is entitled to attend calls on their respective device or tablet. Hence, they are an ideal choice while watching your favourite movies, TV shows, and music from any other device.AE2W Bluetooth Headphones:

Specifically, the AE2W Bluetooth Headphones have been targeted for use with an iPad and any other Bluetooth device which supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). The headphones constitute the similar durable design elements and possess certain soft cushion material. Additionally they comprise of a detachable battery powered module on the left and this bestows a specific button on it. This button that is present on this attachment can be utilized to control calls, playback and volume. The process of pairing is really simple and signal strength works up to 30 feet from the device. Any two Bluetooth devices (eg. your iPhone and your iPad) can be paired and utilized simultaneously. In this manner the individual has the facility to seamlessly switch between several tasks while still continuing to hear sound and talk accordingly.AE2W Bluetooth Headphones:

The device can be charged using an USB and it possesses the ability to deliver sound for 7 hours at a time. Moreover afterwards the user has the facility to attach physical wires and use the same. Additionally it is also endowed with sports LED indicators for battery status, connection status etc. The AE2W Bluetooth Headphones are priced at Rs.19, 013 and are available in Black.

Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker:

The next revelation is the Soundlink Mini. This disclosure is a portable speaker from Bose that has been designed to produce best sound while juxtaposing the size and the weight accordingly. The speaker weighs at 680 grams and measures at 5cms H * 18cms W* 5.8cms D. According to the company’s claim, it is construed that this new Mini speaker is 30% of the size and 50% of the weight of the original Soundlink Mobile speakers.bose-soundlink-mini_

The device has the ability to maintain 6 different Bluetooth profiles and can be used for 7 hours at a time. The notable traits about this product are that it constitutes two custom made transducers that have been created and customized to fit this specific size in accordance to keeping the exceptional sound quality. According to information from Bose, it is known that these speakers have been tested in various conditions and are regarded to be sturdy with the additional benefit of being accustomed to outdoor conditions. Additionally colored covers (blue, green and orange) and a travel bag are available accessories with this revelation.

The Soundlink Mini is priced at Rs. 16,200 and it will be available for purchase in the first week of  August.

QuietComfort 20 Headphones:

This revelation was the most spellbinding product from the other products that were introduced today. This significant disclosure is Bose’s first in-ear noise cancellation earphone and the company has left all the competitors’ behind due to the supreme characterization with the introduction of this device.

The peculiarity associated with the QuietComfort 20 Headphones is that they arrive with a set of two listening modes – pure noise cancellation and the Aware mode. You have the facility to toggle between these both modes depending on your usage or requirements. They have been ideally designed for ensuring proper comfort with exceptional performance. They weigh 42 grams and are designed to sit at the entrance of the ear canal facilitating a more canonical design which aids further in blocking the outside air. Therefore it ensures proper acoustic enclosure that helps in improving active noise reduction.QuietComfort 20 Headphones

The Aware mode is a brilliant acquisition because you can utilize this facility to listen to your music as well as listen to people and important happenings/ announcements that are taking place in the background. This can be easily facilitated by the usage of a switch. The users can merely switch between these modes help you stay aware of things around you along with staying in their own world of music. The QuietComfort 20 comprises a rechargeable battery that supplements 16 hours of power. Also you have the facility to still listen to music even after the battery discharges. This revelation has been designed for Smartphones running on Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry OS while the QC20i have been specially optimized for iOS devices.

The QuietComfort 20 Headphones are priced at Rs.22,388 and these will be available across all Bose stores from the month of September.