Foursquare develops new Android tablet UI ahead of iOS

Android being an open source is thus a propitious platform that allows for development with respect to different domains. It is widely known that there are a plethora of tablets available for Android and thus it is an advantageous medium for employing the characteristic tips and tricks. However the issue that arises is that the developers have to be mindful of these respective tablet’s screen sizes.

It is well known fact that the iPad possess the advantage with respect to tablet apps and likewise Foursquare has taken strides and steps in this manner in developing a UI for Android tablets before iOS. The particularized app will assist in taking advantage of the larger screen sizes providing a updated “explore” experience along with the additional benefit of updated map browsing features. Moreover the iPad will suffer employing a stretched iPhone version for this particular juncture of time.Foursquare

Generally it is known that Foursquare is relatively popular app, hence providing the necssiated dedication for Android updates before iOS suggests that they expect or experience significant success on this particular platform. It is an eye-opener to view the possibility that they managed to update their tablet experience ahead of iOS. Hence it is presumed or regarded as most of the users who employ Foursquare on tablets basically use an Android tablet.