LAVA to soon launch a phone that understands sign language

Lava Mobiles has widely broadcasted a teaser that has set the rumor mills to work extra time.

Lava is construed to be one of the fastest growing Indian Mobile handset Companies and it has accentuated this claim by announcing the probable launch of a High-End but affordable Smartphone. The peculiarity behind this innovative revelation is that the device can communicate with the user even in signs. Hence such a judicious functionality can be used to interact with the phone.

Additionally, it is said that the camera can be utilized by just wiping the hand or the fingers in the air. It is understood that this premium Smartphone will run on the latest Android OS. Also it is estimated to be a power packed device along with providing the slimmest size in the Iris series category. According to released itemizations, it will comprise a superfast processor, intelligent flip cover, OGS display technology and crystal clear screen.

This facilitation is regarded to arrive due to the initial success that was achieved by Lava in its Iris series of Smartphones. Furthermore, this phone is expected to make its official appearance in the third week of June. Therefore at this juncture of time, this teaser is exhibition of the things that are ready to arrive with some creative intelligence in the near future.