Japanese Messaging App Line Officially Launches In India

There are a plethora of applications available for the purpose of mobile messaging. Joining the set of already available apps is yet another disclosure that has made its way for the Indian users. The app in discussion is named as Line. It is a free calling and messaging application that is now available in India.

Line Corporation, the company behind the app, today announced the launch of their brand marketing campaign on Television and other media spaces. Therefore this arrival is completely based on the footsteps of WeChat and the company has similarly targeted at the youth.
Line App
This particularized app can assist the progress for various types of communication with the availability of free call, voice chat and sticker chat. Thus the app presents out a variety of features along-with the customary instant messaging option. The app is available across multiple platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia Asha. Additionally it is also available on desktop operating systems like Windows and Mac.
The two-year-old application was released two years ago and already bestows of 180 million registered users across 230 countries. This information is available through reports from the company. The company plans to expand its growth with ascending growth viewable in countries like Mexico, Spain and Argentina. Currently in India, the marketing campaign has begun to concentrate primarily on the Stickers and voice messaging features of the app.

The following are two TV commercials that the company has released in India:

This app can be downloaded from Line’s website in both Hindi and English. You can choose your device or operating system and download it accordingly.