Vu launched 84” Ultra HD – 3D LED TV in India

VU has launched its newest product in the customized TV market which is the VU 84 Ultra HD 4k Super TV which is hoping to revolutionize the TV viewing experience and transcend it to a whole new level. VU has certainly come a long way since its inception in 2006 and has made its own place in the Indian market with its display products over the years.

VU 84 Ultra HD 4k TV as the name suggests has an 84 inch screen, A+ Grade achromatic panel and bright LED Backlight along with 1:1 pixel mapping. But the highlight of this particular models that it gives the option to the user to choose either of the OS between the MAC OS, Windows 8 or the Linux operating system upon installation. With its own in-built PC which can be accessed using the input command, it aims to provide a high value PC working experience. It also has with it the wireless network and keyboard features to boot. Be it the business productivity apps like the Microsoft Office and the Adobe reader or the Intel HD 3000 graphic card and 500GB inbuilt memory, it makes it easy to store your set of movies, TV shows along with providing a realistic gaming experience!
Vu 84" 4k Ultra HD TV
The 4k Ultra HD feature the display quality that is 4 times that of an ordinary HD TV. The definition difference between the two should definitely provide a sharper picture to its viewers to improve his/her viewing experience. The VU also claim to provide a fantastic audio experience to engage the user completely.

The VU 84 Ultra 4k Super TV is aimed to provide the user with an experience and thrill each time its viewed rather than the drab TV watching phenomenon. Accompanied along with it are passive 3D technology and the silk motion 3D glasses which don’t carry any extra charge and the Ultra HD also has a wider 3D viewing angle compared to the regular 3D TV.

Vu’s Bespoke option allows patrons to select any modification they would like in their television set. This new touch-screen 3D television has a gamut of features for business or personal use. Vu touch Panels use a special camera-backed system which allows for the most sensitive dual-point control. Command a digital world with absolute precision with an in-built set-top box, a gaming console with gesture control and mira-cast in Ultra High Definition.

Besides the leisure value of the TV in itself the VU can also double up as a projector or the whiteboard and also engage in teleconferencing activities, thus helping to stay connected to your professional and well as personal contacts. Professional grade HD teleconferences are possible over it.

In an LED TV, the design plays a critical factor to take into account by the customer and VU Super TV has a thin frame of just 75 mm giving it a sleek and classy look. The VU thus tries to have its own aesthetic sense.

The VU 84 Utra HD 4k 3D TV is priced at Rs. 9 lakh which seems a bit pricey but considering that VU provides its customers with its own custom frame and the desired specification, its one investment worth considering. It aims to usher its customers into the next stage of TV viewing by overlapping it with a PC to covers the entire demographic audience and welcomes it to be part of the experience!