Infographic: How much of your Personal Data does the Internet Store?

As we ascend forward into the age of technological revolution, the extensive usage of Social Media has been a traditional aspect and been on the rise. Users are connection to others by releasing out personal data or notable information through social networking or various other means. Information disclosure doesn’t even stop after a tweet or a post or after uploading of numerous pictures, but these behavioral actions continue with respect to every check-in, or a social media registration or uploading pictures of everything you do in the day. The term called as “Internet Privacy” has lost its significance.

In a frenzied world where life moves in a fast lane, neglecting the Terms and Conditions has been a standard measure while performing tasks. A complete blind eye is presented to these rapid developments may eventually arise as a result of information explosion. Integrating our day-to-day life on social media has become a commonplace and disclosing out person’s private details, preferences or even important information that is let out on the Internet.Internet Privacy

Users are not even known of what is being let onto the Internet and what calamitous effects it may have down the line. The consumers need to have a detailed picture on how the personal data gets accumulated and how this data can be presented out to third parties. The following illustration released by WhoIsHostingThis presents a broad picture of How Much of your Personal Data does the Internet Store?Internet-Privacy-large

Considering that the Internet is a public place, sharing and divulging information is a usual aspect. However the amount to which the information is released can be controlled by the user themselves. It is difficult to secure data once it is put up for public view and users simply won’t have an idea as to where, when, why, and how that data is collected, scrutinized, and used.

Will you think before mixing private aspects with your public digital persona? Or will you continue to release personal data without even bothering about anything?