LG introduces a buy back scheme; offers Rs. 7000 discount in exchange for your Old Smartphones

Previously we have seen Samsung, Sony, BlackBerry and Nokia announcing buy back schemes for their respective Smartphones; and presently we are treated to another such itemization which has been presented out by LG.

LG has introduced a buy back scheme where in the Korean smartphone vendor will offer discounts worth Rs. 7000 discount when users exchange their old smartphones. The discount is basically on the MOP (not the MRP) which is the best buy price. Considering the present market, it has been viewed that such schemes have been the trend and there have been various instances wherein different Smartphone vendors have come up with such buyback schemes for grabbing attention from the consumers. It is also to be noted that these best buy prices have been an inflated issue during the time that we compare it to market operating price. Looking at various other brands, this pricing looks fine as comparable to the inflation.


Following on the lines of other Smartphone vendors, LG has presented out this scheme where in users are allowed to exchange their old Smartphone to buy the Optimus G Pro for Rs 32,999. Another advantageous thing that arrives with the offer is that the user will get a two year warranty, than the customary one year warranty that arrives with the handsets.