Tencent introduces the first iOS game for WeChat

Tencent, the Chinese Internet giant has officially introduced the first game that has been targeted for the messaging app WeChat (known as Weixin in China). The unveiling of such a game paves way for implementing a much anticipated initiative.

Dubbed as Tian Tian Ai Xiao Chu, the game can be employed on the iOS platform and it was available on the Chinese Apple app store since the last two days. The game is represented with the facilitation of the concept of a three-in-a-row game with the additional availability of cuter characters.Tencent releases first iOS game

According to information provided by a PC Online report, it has been reported that the game features in a 60-second format. The individual will need to use a red heart during the time that he/she plays this game and it is a point to be noted that a red heart is generated just once every 10 minutes in the game. After the number of hearts reach zero, a user can either purchase more hearts or request some from friends for providing some.

The users who are using Tencent platform accounts on mobile QQ or Weixin will get the necessary benefit of syncing non-purchasing related information in the game. This will be in the form of friends’ lists, scores and levels. Therefore it will mean that any user is allowed to compete with other set of friends. Such interactive inter-connectivity makes this game a highly addicted one. Facilitating a location-based support for the game, Tencent has gone one step further by providing users with options like find other users nearby. Additionally, users will be provided information on the users who are top scorers within the vicinity areas. Based on lowdowns, it is understood that Tencent has around 10 more games in the pipeline, which will be finally released once the time is right.

It will interesting to see how WeChat fares against the likes of other rival competitors apps like Kakao Talk from Korea and Line from Japan. The development of providing additional on monetization services by various Asian competitors will surely force WeChat to catch on this trend sooner than later or else it will end up losing market share amongst the masses. We can expect WeChat to begin with monetizing services like selling stickers and games on their platforms which will chalking a wider user base for the popular chat app.