WhatsApp passes 300 million monthly active users; introduces push-to-talk voice messaging

Mobile messaging service WhatsApp has announced that it will unveil the push-to-talk voice messaging for all of its apps on the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android OS, Windows Phone and Nokia. This information was conveyed to AllThingsD by the company’s co-founder and CEO Jan Koum.

Based on the claims made by the company, it has been revealed that WhatsApp has 20 million monthly active users in India. Additionally WhatsApp claims that, it has passed 300 million monthly active users globally. This is a significant rise from the figure of 250 million at end of June 2013 and the growth of 50 million users in a short period of time highlights WhatsApp’s ascending progress with respect to the captive audiencewhatsapp

Along these lines, WhatsApp is expanding in function by introducing a walkie-talkie-like feature with its recent update. Users will be entitled to record a message and the individual can let go this message to send it across to others. Incase you don’t want to send the message, then you can simply swipe on the left hand side and the recording will get deleted.

At present, nothing exists like a cap on the length of recording, but the presence of the blue microphone (inside the WhatsApp Chat) indicates when the particular message gets played by the recipient. The volume of this recording can switch automatically when the speaker at held at different distances.

According to reports, WhatsApp claims to send 11 billion messages and receive 20 billion messages per day. This is an incremental rise from the reports in June that brought into sigh the figure of 10 billion messages sent and 17 billion messages received per day in June. Comparing these to the other apps available, it is noted that WhatsApp is performing excellently in terms of how many monthly active users it has; but at present there is no concrete information which can highlight notable details like registered numbers or download numbers. Such specific details can help in providing a better picture about the monthly active users.

Presently WhatsApp is the only company to reveal the numbers in relation to its monthly active users. The facilitation of this new feature will bear resemblance to the one that is available in WeChat, Line or Hike; and it will be interesting to see how other Mobile messaging services evolve as WhatsApp dominates through the user base.