Cate: Simple messaging app concept that unifies Gmail, Twitter and other services

At present, there are a plethora of apps which are useful for messaging and with the current trend the development of apps gets accruing as we move forward in time. Along these lines, we are displayable to a newer messaging concept that highlights a simple messaging concept which can be considered as advantageous in their own regard.

Currently we are introduced to an app called Cate, from Swiss outfit River which focuses on this concept and works on the same lines as other apps like Mailbox, Mailpile, Boxer and Mail Ninja.

Presently it is understood that Cate plans to integrate and support the likes of Gmail, Twitter, Facebook Chat and in a fashion of unified messaging which will amalgamate smart keyword analysis with an elegant, minimalist and predictably flat-design.

To start with the app is in the initial stage right now and is looked upon as just a concept. The developers have kickstarted an attempt along with crowd-funding site Indiegogo for raising money to build up this app. However, this is just the beginning and it will lot of time before such a move is incorporated into action. As of now, it’s only at $131 of its $140,000 goal.

Incase the goal is achieved, the app will arrive for both iOS and Android. Based upon claims made by developers, it is understood that there is also a web and native desktop apps in the developmental stage which will assist the progress in managing various messages.

What are your thoughts on the Cate concept?