Logitech showcases the Ultimate Ear Series for Music Fans and the G Series for Gamers

Logitech, one of the leading companies for  music and gaming products showcased most of its refinements made to the gaming and music products of the company. The refinements were made in the Ultimate Ears and Logitech G series.

Ultimate Ears Series

The ultimate ears series has special focus on music and Logitech gives the best sound quality through this series.

ultimate ears

 The products available on this series are:

  • UE 900 Noise Isolating Earphone – This is the best in the ear earphone available in this series which provides customization to the user in which special shape focus to the shape of the user’s ear and gives user optimal comfort while using the earphones. The earphones is available at a pricey Rs. 34995/-.
  • UE 600VI Noise Isolating Headset – Built ruggedly, it is perfect to use while exercising. It provides 26dB noise insulation to block outside sound. The UE600VI is priced at Rs. 7699/-.
  • UE 400VI Noise Insulating Headset – A sophisticated earphone to carry around and listen to music on the move and is stylish look gives it a very classy feel. The price of the UE400VI is Rs. 6299/-.
  • UE 400VM Noise Isolating Headphones -The earphones is ideal for solving all your sound problems with control for your music and calls. With ear cushions ranging from XXS to L it offers a choice to all ear shapes. The UE400VM is priced at Rs. 6299/-.
  • UE 350VI Noise Isolating Headset – This earphone has given special attention to the bass component gives it a bit for more oomph. With Sweat resistant design it offers a rugged product to the customers. The UE 350VI is available for Rs. 4199/-.
  • UE 350VM Noise Isolating Headphones – The earphone provides is well built and handy to carry around and adequate to satisfy the music needs of the customers. The UE 350 is available for Rs. 4199/-.
  • UE 9000 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones – This is the top of the line around the ear design provided by the company. With full noise cancelling it gives a fully immersive feel and environment to the listener. With Bluetooth connectivity it offers 10 hours battery life. The headphones is priced at a hefty Rs.31995/-.
  • UE 600 Wired Around the Ear Immersion Headphones – With a progressive design and noise cancellation it gives a listener a chance to fully enjoy the music without peripheral disturbances. A stylish neoprene case is provided with the headphones. It is priced at Rs 17995/-.
  • UE 4500 Headphones – The earphones offers an engaging sound experience with the control on the fingertips of the listener. With Bluetooth provided the wireless UE4500 is provided up to 10 hours of battery life.
  • UE 3600 Headphones – The metallic design and ball joint earcups doesn’t put any strain on the user even used for prolonged periods. With features such as call answering on the fingertips it is very convenient to use. It is priced at Rs. 3495/-.
  • UE BoomBox- The BoomBox is a must have accessory to all passionate music fans, with crystal clear beats heard and option to connect multiple devices simultaneously Logitech have themselves an absolute gem of a product. It is priced at Rs 21995/-.
  • UE Mobile BoomBox- A mini version of the powerful BoomBox it is a livelier product. It is highly durable, portable and is also available in vibrant colors. Still it holds its own in terms of power and provides magnificent sound quality. The UE Mobile BoomBox is priced at Rs. 8995/-.

All the earphones and headphones have been provided with 3.5mm jack. Logitech provides 2 years warranty to all products.

Logitech G Series

Logitech G series1

G series is the gaming series to give gamers to optimum conditions to excel in their quest. The G Series offers the following products:

  • G500 Laser Gaming Series – The laser technology gives the best tracking and adjusts even to the minutest changes made by the gamer. It works on a variety of surfaces so easy to use on any platform. The adjustable weight provides precise customisation.
  • G600 MMO Gaming Mouse – It offers an intuitive ‘Dual Dish panel’ design offers easy while multiplayer gaming. The mice also offers customisable lighting makes active command precisely. The mouse is available for Rs. 5295/-
  • G400 Optical Gaming Mouse – The mouse has delta sensor for high accuracy target shooting especially in first person shooter games. 8 different programmable buttons gives the games the customisation option. The market value is Rs. 3595/-
  • G300 Optical Gaming Mouse – The design is uniform and allows for long hours of gaming sessions. With 9 programmable buttons it has handed gamers room to manoeuvre with the keys. With a warranty of over 20 million keys it is built to handle heavy use. It is priced at Rs. 1995/-.
  • G19 Gaming Keyboard – The LCD display provides uninterrupted gameplay for the gamer. It has been provided with 5 programmable G keys and 3 modes to customise functions and customisation. The pricing of the G19 gaming keyboard is worth Rs. 18995/-.
  • G510 Gaming Keyboard – The G510 provides all the features of the G19 keyboard and has 6 key rollover for complex actions without disturbances. It is priced at Rs. 9995/-.
  • G13 Advanced Gameboard – It offers 25 programmable keys and is available in 3 modes for micro and macro combinations. It has a programmable mini joystick to activate pre programmed commands. The Gameboard is available at Rs. 6995/-.
  • G105 Gaming Keyboard – The illuminated keys provide clear viewing even in the dark. Another useful addition is Game Mode which disables other Windows applications. This keyboard is available at Rs 4295/-.
  • F710 Wireless Gamepad – The 2.4GHz provides wireless data transmission, no delay and real time movements. It has floating 4 switches Dpad for more responsive quick changes. It is priced at Rs.3995/-.
  • F310 Gamepad – Providing all the features as that of the F710 Gamepad without the option of wireless control. It has a 1.8m wired cord. It has been priced at Rs. 1995/-.
  • Extreme 3D Pro Joystick – Precision control for better accuracy in swift racing movements.. Light Weight for better control. The Joystick is available for Rs. 3395/-.
  • G27 Racing Wheel – The racers ultimate tool has been set up into this product. Built for usage at hours on end it provides high durability. The wheel is detailed enough to pick up subtle changes and adjust accordingly.
  • Driving Force GT Steering Wheel – It has been provided with forced feedback to stimulate bumps and gives realistic environment. 900 degrees rotation is similar to most modern cars.. The Wheel is valued at Rs. 14295.
  • G35 Surround Sound Headset – Communications is vital in multiple player games and the G35 provides Dolby 7.1 sound quality and helps interacting with partners to achieve the various conquests. The cost of the G35 is Rs. 11495/-.
  • G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset – Noise cancellation in the headphones will give the immersive experience. The light weight doesn’t hamper the gamers’ concentration either. It too is provided by Dolby 7.1 sound quality.
  • G130 Gaming Headphones – The headphones is highly adjustable and cosy to use and provides effective communication with his partners in the game. It has full size cupping for noise isolation. The value of G130 is Rs. 2495/-.