Sony offers new Compact High Definition Security Cameras: SNC-CX600W and SNC-CX600

Sony has announced the launch of the Sony SNC-CX600W and SNC-CX600 security cameras that provide wide viewing angles and 720p image quality. The cameras have been marked as breakthrough products when it comes to options available in security cameras with it being reasonably priced, highly sophisticated and fully featured in nature. The cameras have been designed to suit not only large or private gatherings but also to be camouflaged in the home or office environment if the need arises. The camera is designed to gather maximum detail but also be pretty inconspicuous in the environment.

Sony has continued to endear the maximum quality images even in low light or high contrast areas. Each camera also comes with white LED illumination, built-in recording and packaged in a compact stylish design that is ideal for self-installation in shops and offices. The USP of the security camera is being is able to cover a full 120 degrees – or about 50% wider than other cameras in the same class. The camera are armed with top notch motion sensors that work in both light and dark environments and the LED illumination provides color recording along with a speaker and a microphone.


The alert system provided is also pretty sleek which works when the motion sensor detects a break-in, the camera responds by switching on wide-angle LED illumination, playing out an alert and a pre-recorded voice message, sending an email notification to a pre-registered address of the user’s smartphone, and making still and moving images available for viewing through an internet browser.

The SNC-CX600W supports Wi-Fi so the user can enjoy stable transmission as well as easy installation in accordance with the WPS standards.

The data is stored directly onto the micro SD or the SDHC card due to the built in EDGE technology thereby saving the hassle of using an external recorder.

Both the Sony’s SNC-CX600W and SNC-CX600 will be available to all major distributors across India. The models are both priced at Rs. 50,000 but the SNC-CX600W will be available from October 1 while the SNC-CX600 won’t be on the market till early next year.