Sony unveils 2 new Portable Chargers: CP-F5 and CP-F10L

In our modern age, people continuously live on the move and we have become more dependent on our mobiles than any other time previously, so the phone running out of juice is almost a crisis. It is precisely for this reason that the portable chargers have become a useful acquisition to the customers. SONY therefore has come up with 2 portable chargers for the users which are CP-F5 and CP – F10L.

Sony CP-F5


SONY CP-F5 has an ultra slim 9.4mm body which makes its handy to carry around, the battery capacity has also been increased by 40% to 5000mAh which is sufficient power to recharge a smartphone twice. The SONY CP-F5 is easily rechargeable via an AC adaptor or the USB port of the computer. The SONY CP-F5 is available in 3 colors black, blue and gold and is available for recharging straight out of packaging.


  • Input DC 5V, 0.5A ~ 1.0A
  • Output 1.5A (Max)
  • No of ports 1
  • Dimension 70.4 X 128.1 X 9.4mm
  • Weight Approx. 156g
  • Battery Capacity 5,000 mAh



The SONY CP-F10L is a more powerful charger compared to the former SONY CP-F5; it offers a power of 10000mAh and has the option of dual USB which can be used to charge 2 phones at a single go. It is possible due to the high power of 3.6A provided by the charger. The SONY CP-F10L has a LED indicator which is used to indicate the charge left on the device. The recharging of the portable SONY CP-F10L is same as that of SONY CP-F5, it uses an AC adaptor or attached USB port to a computer. With over 20 years of Lithium-ion rechargeable battery manufacturing technology and expertise under its belt, SONY has made the CP-F10L rechargeable for 1,000 times and capable of retaining 90 per cent of battery capacity even after 1,000 charges. The design is slim and sleek making it comfortable to carry around and not responsible to bog down the user.


  • Input DC 5V, 0.5A ~ 1.5A
  • Output 3.6A
  • No of ports 2
  • Dimension 70.4 X 130.6 X 16.5 mm
  • Weight 260g
  • Battery Capacity 10,000mAh

Both the SONY CP-F5 and CP-F10L will be available across all SONY retail stores at the price of  Rs. 2790/- and Rs. 4990/- respectively.