Logitech unveils the Z600 Bluetooth Speakers

Logitech, one of the premier players in the sound and gaming industry have unveiled their latest Z600 speakers. The speakers have been designed in keeping mind the looks of the Macbooks and Ultrabooks of this world.

The design has been kept very classy to blend into the decor of your living room seamlessly and also adds its own dimension to it. The Z600 can be paired with up to 3 separate devices at a single time which gives the user the flexibility to alter between his/her laptop, smartphone and tablets but never miss out on a beat. The Z600 speakers come with option of autoplay i.e. if a particular device is kept at pause, the subsequent device take control and plays its playlist without halt. The Bluetooth is not a mandatory requirement either, the speaker can be set up using an USB cord with minimal support too.

Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speaker

There are 3 drivers in each speaker which can counter any acoustic environment and give high quality irrespective of the dimensions of the room. The design as stated has gone under a lot of work and is specially choreographed for the ultra thin laptops. The speakers can have multiple functions be it for music, movies or teleconferencing but the sound quality remains crisp and distinct at all times. Another advantage of the Logitech Z600 is its cross platform support and can transition between Android to iOS to Windows with ease.

The thought in placing of the control buttons is also intriguing as the power and the Bluetooth pairing button are hidden away at the back not to take away from beauty of the device. The power cord has also been engineered in a manner to be tangle free and not to disrupt the show of the speaker.

The entire perception of the Z600 is its looks and Logitech have worked to make it an acoustic and visual spectacle. The Z600 is valued at Rs.12995/-.