Windows 8 can now be upgraded to Windows 8.1

Windows 8, one of the popular platforms has launched its first upgrade with the Windows 8.1. The Windows 8.1 will be available for free at the Windows store and in the subsequent months the products will be on the new platform itself.

The Windows 8 platform had been developed with the vision of a tablet and laptop feel rolled into one and the Windows 8.1 will continue in that stead too. The new Windows 8.1 will integrate the high processing power, quality display and design seamlessly to assure a smooth usage for the consumer.


Windows have always been a company to keep innovating their products to stay ahead of the market. The biggest advantage of Microsoft products have always been user friendly and highly personalized nature and Windows 8.1 will offer more design and color along with the option of customizing the start screen i.e. whether to open in Start screen or the traditional desktop Window. A major feature is the reintroduction of the ‘start’ button.

Windows 8.1

There has also been a vast array of new apps provided to the Windows 8.1 which can all be placed on the start screen for quick and easy access; it also provides the latest Internet Explorer 11 version. Bing smart search in the Windows 8.1 is the one stop for all your search queries whether it is a file, an app or a website if it is on your computer then Bing smart search will find it.

The cloud integration of the Skydrive can help you take your work on the move with ease as the user can perform all its activities on any device.

An improved Windows Store is present on Windows 8.1 with popular developers like Facebook, Evernote, Hulu displaying their products on the store. The store content is also maintained in a very dynamic manner with the ‘New and Rising’ option tells us the popular apps on the market, while the Bing recommendation displays a set of apps suited to the users’ needs.

The multitasking has also been worked upon with up to 4 apps running simultaneously and the resolution can also be aligned with each app giving the user more control over the layout.

After the initial skepticism over the Windows 8, it has become a popular platform to work on and Windows 8.1 will be expected to be better than the former, so the upcoming days will tell if Windows 8.1 has stood up to the challenge.