Customize your Business Documentation with InstantPrint

Whether you have just started up a new business, or are part of a partnership that needs re-branding, there are many options you can chose to give your company the boost it needs. Marketing, Promotion and Public/Corporate Relations is exactly what you must be good at! It may just be that your company just needs a bit more marketing and promotion or even to be given a more professional appearance to draw customers in, there are many things that can help make this a reality.

The way your business is perceived by the people determines the future of your business and for the same reason, making your business appear valuable and trustworthy is very important. The important segment of improvisation is the documentation and customization in most cases!

Instantprint offers many options to help you get the customization of your business going. You can either upload your own artwork if you’re feeling creative, or use the business brand that you want to promote. You can even choose one of the templates on the instantprint site (under business stationary) to give you a helping hand. You can then customize your business cards by choosing how many sides you want printing, the paper quality you want it printing on and the quantity you want.
Triangular Business card
After you have decided on these and you’re happy with your finished product, you can register and pay. Once registered, you can use the site even quicker and easier the next time you need too.

There is also a letterhead or compliment slip option for your business needs. Prices start at around only £20 for 100 copies which is great for businesses who will need a large number of copies. Compliment slips are great for giving thanks to customers and clients. They are a great way to promote the business!

For formal documents, invoices and correspondences, it’s the letterheads you want. With the customization available on instantprint, you can ensure your business name is posted on every document. The way this looks is important. It needs to be eye catching and easy to read. It also needs to be catchy, fun but with a formal element depending on what kind of business you are and what you are trying to promote. Instantprint allows you to change anything you have already put down on the website so you can spend a lot of time swapping and changing things until you’re happy with the way it looks and sounds.

There is customer feedback available on the site if you want to see what other people think of the quality of the business cards before you use the site. They also provide artwork tips and guides to ensure you make the most out of what they have to offer. That way, you will get the best out of your business cards and other customizations for your documentation!

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