MTV partners with Soundlogic and launches a set of Music Accessories

MTV, India’s leading youth iconic brand has partnered with Soundlogic to give a range of products especially for the youth. The devices are given a funky look to appeal to the younger generation coupled with the high quality products on display, the venture definitely looks promising.

The Music accessories launched in the first announcement by this joint venture are targeted mostly towards the college-going youth who is always in the party mood! The list includes Portable Speakers, Headphones and Earphones specially meant for easy use.
MTV Soundlogic Music Accessories
The List of products launched by the venture is:

The Twister: Bluetooth enabled splash-proof Speaker

As can be viewed from the picture the Twister’s design makes it a real head turner. The USP of the device is that it is shock proof, splash proof and is equally suited to both indoor and outdoor environments. It gives a power of 3W and it is available with rechargeable batteries. The Twister comes with three bold colors of red, black and blue. It has been designed for extensive usage in the pool. The Twister is priced at Rs. 2999.

SoundBox: Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone

Sound Box is the highly portable boombox which can be carried anywhere with ease. The dual speakers of 3W give a lot of power and a rich sound. The boombox is compatible with all Bluetooth devices and also has an inbuilt microphone. The device can be recharged using an USB. The device is priced at Rs. 3999.

Boom: Flat Cable Stereo Headphones

The Boom headphone has a standard 3.5mm jack which fits into most device and it has an in built microphone too. The device has over the ear design to give maximum noise isolation to improve the sound quality. Its hands free design enables the user to answer phone with the option of a single click. The pricing of the device is Rs.1499.

Wave: Flat Cable Stereo Earphones

The wave earphone is available in three funky and attractive color options of green, blue and orange. It too provides very good sound quality and has the standard 3.5mm audio input which fits into all devices. The pricing of the Wave earphones is Rs. 1099.

Studs: Flat Cable Metal Earphones

The studs earphone are similar to the wave earphone except that it has a metal stereo which too gives excellent sound quality to the system. It is also available in three different colors of black, red and purple. It is very reasonable priced at Rs. 899.

With such variation between the devices unveiled by MTV and Soundlogic, the venture aims to find a particular device for every requirement in the market.