Whatsapp now available on Nokia Asha 501

Whatsapp is one of the most popular social messaging app if not the most popular and now the app extends its functionalities to the Nokia Asha series of smartphones. The Nokia Asha 501 will be the first phone in the Asha series which will be available to use the app. The Internet Messenger have been available from November 21 on the Asha 501. The application is available through a software update. The software update will be available through over-the-air and the new models of the Asha 501 will be have Whatsapp as an preinstalled application.

Viral Oza, Director Marketing, Nokia India commented on the update saying, “Asha 501 will be the first device on the Asha Platform to support WhatsApp. The updated software will offer Asha consumers with a more social experience, building on the previous Fastlane experience. The new interface comes with a single swipe camera, single touch share to Facebook and ability to track Facebook comments and likes right from your Fastlane screen.”

The new software also comes with a smarter camera experience through ‘swipe’ and one-touch social sharing, and a more intuitive and social Fastlane home screen.

Whatsapp on the other hand is going from strength to strength and is expanding at an exponential rate of around 250000 downloads per day. This can further be improved now with the app now penetrating the Asha series this will definitely boost the userbase of the application.

  • Supriya

    Hi Vansh, I would like to share that I was using Nokia Asha 201 since November 2012, it was announced in 2011, which is the s40 series phone which had whats app, in fact the phone’s name itself was marketed as “Nokia Asha 201 with whats app” . then how can you say that nokia asha 501 is the first phone in the Asha series having whats app?

  • Rohit Sane

    There is a difference between Asha phone and Asha platform.. Asha platform is an Operating System platform based on S40.. It is little different than the old S40 OS on your phone.

  • supriya

    Thanks Ro!! :)