Anchor Electricals sets up its Exclusive Panasonic LED Lighting Experience Centre in India

Panasonic has targeted India as a very important prospective market and after having a significant impact in the B2C ventures, the company has now turned its attention to the B2B and B2G markets to benefit not only itself but also help the businesses and government grapple with power issues which have a significant impact on the productivity in the country. It is a known fact that Panasonic lighting is the world’s third largest lighting company with global sales reaching to 3 billion USD, with LED lighting sales accounting for approximately 1 billion USD. Therefore to display its prowess in the field Panasonic combined with Anchor has set up the first Panasonic LED experience centre in India.
Anchor by Panasonic Logo

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Manabu Takeda, Senior Councilor, Residential Lighting Business, Panasonic Corporation said, “Our aim is to bridge the awareness and experience gap that exists in the minds of lighting experts and users. We wish to apply the lighting business experience developed in Japan, for India as well by introducing high-quality LED lighting products that are safe and reliable. With environmental deterioration and energy shortages becoming more and more serious with each passing day, energy-saving has become a part of the global development trend.”

With a number of dignitaries present at the event Mr. Kiyoshi Otaki, Managing Director, Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd commented “Anchor is looking at opening more such LED lighting experience centres across major cities in India to strengthen its partnership with interior designers, architects, and lighting professionals. We hope that the expansion of this new lighting business will also generate synergy effects with Anchor’s largest business, wiring devices.”

Panasonic’s new venture is a sign of what it can contribute to the lighting department in the country for example the Panasonic 5.5W LED light consumes lesser power as compared to a CFL lamp and also has a longer lasting life. The showroom also highlights the standard of electrical products Anchor, India’s leading electrical solutions manufacturer has achieved in recent times.

Thus, the newest Panasonic showroom in Andheri, Mumbai is the first of its kind showroom in India which might be one of the sign of BIG things to follow!