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Blogging on WordPress is just a Phone call away!

WordPress has always been a great free Blogging platform. Now, it tends to go bigger and better with the feature of Audio posts coming in! Just imaging that you call a Phone number, talk for 1 hour and all that you have talked is being uploaded to your blog in the form of an Audio

Why I use 2 WordPress plugins for Retweet Button on my blog

Twitter is fast becoming the center for Businesses promotion and Targeting the users. Marketers are not leaving any stone unturned to do solid publicity about their Product on Twitter. In this age, it is most important to market your Blog properly on twitter and get the most out of it. It is very essential for

WordPress Application for Nokia S60 and Meamo platforms under development

You may have heard about updating your blog through your Mobile phone. Did you like that Idea? Many users of WordPress are already doing it pretty easily especially the ones who own an iPhone, a Blackberry or a Google Android phone. This was possible only because WordPress released the official applications for Android and BlackBerry.

How to prepare yourself for Shifting from Blogger to WordPress?

It is always difficult for migrating from one CMS to another! Even I took about 6 months to prepare myself for shifting from Blogger to WordPress. I know it was a long time, but I finally succeeded in a clean migration from Blogger to WordPress without loosing any traffic. For a proper migration you must

What is encrypted code in WordPress themes?

Recently there has been a lot of Buzz among WordPress users regarding the use for free themes! Some Free themes were found malicious, which included encrypted codes into them. So this has given rise to suspicion in the minds of a theme users against the theme creators. Some Bloggers don’t give proper credits to the

Tech-Freak Stuff moves to WordPress with a Completely new Theme

It has been long since I have been planning to make the final move, and finally the day has come! Tech-Freak Stuff moves to WordPress with a total revamp. I have been talking to a lot of people regarding my move to WordPress, but finally I myself somehow managed to migrate Tech-Freak Stuff. I hope