Google Android: Its Community and Problems

Many around the world love the Android operating system, but usually not because of how great it is. Rather, they either love it because of the low cost devices it is attached to, or the many different ways it can be customized and repurposed to almost anything a new user wants. Of course, there are

Review of XIM Card: The International Roaming SIM card

Be it a regular traveler or someone on a small vacation, being connected is a necessity today! You don’t want to be left uninformed about the happenings in the lives of your loved ones nor about any official plans in the work environment. Whenever you plan to travel internationally, the first thought that strikes your

Cloud Computing 101 : Getting started with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is fast becoming a common theme in the work place and everyone wants to have access to it. Think about Dropbox, the most used Cloud Storage service! Businesses looking to get a step ahead of the competition will always be looking for ways in which to streamline their day to day activity and

Gionee ELife E7: Gionee’s new flagship smartphone available at Rs. 26,999

Gionee has gained much acclaim for its previous flagship venture the Gionee ELife E6 while the Gionee GPad G3 is also well received by the Indian public. The company is going from strength to strength and has announced the new flagship Gionee ELife E7. The Gionee ELife E7 can match up with the very best

Samsung launches mid range Samsung Galaxy S DUOS 2 at Rs. 10990

Samsung, Korean smartphone manufacturing giant have always been at the forefront of all the latest innovation in the smartphone manufacturing industry. But, besides the high end smartphones, the company also release high quality mid-range phones from time to time for the budget conscious customers too. Samsung has released another such smartphone into the market with

GOSF: The Great Online Shopping Festival by Google India

Ecommerce is getting widely accepted by Indian customers and with a whole lot of Ecommerce sites like Flipkart, lazyNinja, SnapDeal,etc the customer has a very wide range of options to choose from. Google too, has backed the growth for Ecommerce in India and has commenced the Great Online Shopping Festival for the second year in

UFO changing the face of Indian Cinema

UFO Moviez India Limited, a company which originated 8 years ago has become the world’s largest and only satellite based Digital Cinema network. The company has revolutionized the way in which feature films are transferred and distributed in the country. It has also reduced the piracy due to its secure technology. It has also helped

Blackberry launches BBM channels for Blackberry OS 5 and above

With the sales of Blackberry smartphone taking a nosedive in recent times, Blackberry is taking numerous steps to arrest the tide like making the BBM a public platform among others. Now Blackberry has announced the launch of a new platform called BBM channels. The BBM channels will be available to all users having Blackberry OS

Simmtronics releases the XPad Freedom in India

India is one of the toughest markets to exploit as the average Indian does his fair share of research before buying any product and the tablet markets is one of the most competitive markets in modern times. Simmtronics is the newest company to throw its name into the hat and has announced the launch of