Unlike previous versions of Windows, there are differences in Vista between USER accounts with “computer administrator” privileges and the Administrator account. For instance, the Administrator account does not have User Account Control enabled. There may also be differences in the ability to remove restrictive file operations and object permissions, but Microsoft is still working out those details and does not expect to reveal them until RC1 and beyond. Finally, by default, the Administrator account is present, but it’s hidden and disabled on all clean installs of the operating system.

It’s even possible to create an “administrator” account, with a lowercase “A.” But that won’t be the full-fledged Administrator account, it’s just another account with computer administrator privileges.

In Vista, the Administrator account is not subject to UAC, but normal administrator accounts are. So the Administrator can make any changes to the system and will see no UAC prompts.The secret administrator gives u more freedom to use your operating system rather than facing prompt boxes which say “Please login as administrator” even when u r logged in as an admistrator.

Use the following steps to unlock and use the TRUE-hidden Administrator in VISTA:

Turning on the Administrator account is straightforward. First, open an elevated command prompt by typing “cmd” without quotes into the Search box on the Start menu, right-clicking the command prompt icon that appears at the top of the Start menu, then selecting Run as administrator — or just use the shortcut you created in the previous hack.

Then enter this command and press Enter:

Net user administrator /active:yes

From now on, the Administrator account will appear as an option on the Welcome screen, along with any user accounts you may have set up. Use it like any other account. Be aware that it won’t have a password yet, so it’s a good idea to set a password for it.

If you want to disable the account and hide it, enter this command at an elevated command prompt and press Enter:

Net user administrator /active:no

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    so sorry for my previous comment..
    i didnt started cmd by right clicking and selecting “Run as administrator”….
    now i did that again..& it is working fine..