GoogleMail And Gmail Email Addresses.

We often felt a need to make multiple email accounts,so we had to register for different web-mailing services.But Google has come up with a new system.

Google is allotting two mail-addresses with the same user-name on every sign-up for their web-mailing service named G-Mail.The only difference between these two email addresses is the domain names.One of them contains the Domain name as “” while the other has the domain name as “”.

These different email addresses have a variety of uses.It helps in reducing spam and also adds to our convenience.We can give different email addresses to different people.By creating a filter to differentiate mails for the domain name “ ” and “”,we can easily make different all the emails from a single domain name appear together at one place in some folder.

It is to be noted that we can access both the mails by a single click o the sign-in button.Have fun with Google Mail and enjoy its ever-increasing storage capacity.