How to write Effective and Better Emails…

The internet has become one of the most widely used medium of communication in recent times.Most of the communication takes place through Social networking websites,chatting, E-mails etc.Emails have a major share in today’s professional communication.Also writing effective and good Emails is an art which can be mastered.Here are some points which will help you write better Emails.

1) Be clear about the content of the mail and ensure that what you write is relevant and concise.

2) If you are replying to any Email, make sure that you have answered all the questions.Moreover, if you answer relevant questions beforehand, the reader gets impressed by your efficiency and thoughtfulness.

3) Make mail personal by addressing it to a specific person.

4) Give quick responses preferably within 24 hours of receiving it.

5) Always use the subject line but keep it shorter than 7-8 words.

6) Use a brief signature at the end of your mail which will help in revealing your identity.

7) Use proper spelling and punctuation marks to avoid misinterpretation of your message.Use a spell-checker with a good dictionary.

8) Abbreviations and Emoticons must not be used excessively.

9) Leave white blank space between lines as it helps in reading the message faster and causes less strain on our eyes.

10) Read the mail twice before sending it.

11) Highlight the important points in the Email,if the Email is long.

12) Fill in the “TO” address only when you finishes check-proofing the entire mail.