Tech Freak Spies-Be a HiTech investigator

Gone are the days when we used to dream about using the Gadgets which James Bond uses in this Films.These gadgets have become a reality and are quite affordable these days.Also they are small enough to hide literally anywhere.So,Anybody can spy now.All it takes is a few hundred dollars,an internet connection and a little curiosity.

The closer look at the things which appear as smoke detectors may make you known of the hidden camera fit inside them.Flood lights too contain hidden cameras these days.All because of sequrity reasons.

Also these cool gadgets can be used in your private lives.A businessman suspected his wife to cheat on him.So,he got a Wi-Life digital clock,equipped with a spycam and kept it on his bedside table.The images it took were sent to a computer.The executive from the company set up a system to alert the businessman via text message,if there was any movement in the master bedroom while he was at work.Next day his cell-phone went off and he recieved a video of his wife getting cozy with a stranger in his own bedroom.

A truck owner fitted a GPS device in his truck(of the size of a mathbox) to discover that the driver used to ride to meet his girlfriend after finishing the daily routine.Thus wasting his money over the ever increasing fuel prices.

Cases have been noticed where a guy fixed a tiny camera in a shampoo bottle so that he could get to see this two female roomates as they shower.

So,as this technological advances are creating good options,they are being misused too.A lady in US tracked her hubby through the GPS system in his car to catch him red handed in the arms of his mistress.From that day itself the lady started her own surveillance supply business selling GPS devices,audio -video recorders,caller-ID scramblers and computer keystroke monitoring software.She says”I sell things which you would use to obtain the truth.”

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