Play Pranks with SMS And Cellphone Calls

The cell-phone has become an indispensable part of our lives today.Some people like me keep discovering the different aspects and uses of Cell Phone connectivity.But life is quite dull without some fun around.So here is a list of some websites which will help u try out different pranks with friends and relatives.

PRANK DIAL is an Web-Utility which allow u to play a nasty prank. It allows u to type a message and asks u to select the Voice type, speed, pitch and some other effect if you wish. It also asks u about the name and the number which should appear in the recipients caller ID. A computer calls your friend in the voice of your choosing and says your custom typed message. You are allowed to do this prank only 3 times daily for free.But the only sad thing is that, this prank work only if the recipient is in USA or Canada.

Telespoof is a Website which allows you to call anyone with a fake number which you choose to appear on their Caller ID. The call duration is only 2 minutes. The Call recording option is also available but only for paid service.

Peekamo is an Utility which helps you send SMS from your mobile phone but the twist is that it hides your phone number from the recipients. Peekamo messages sent from your phone are billed at regular sms cost Unless you have a text messaging plan.One more advantage of Peekamo is that you can send long distance SMS messages at local rates using a local short code (where available).