Prevent Copying of your Documents

We have always had a fear of getting our articles ,photos and other digital signatures being stolen from our blog or other websites IN SPITE OF COPYRIGHT LAWS.This is because we never know who has copied our idea or article, and where is it copied to.So, what can we do to prevent such theft of our articles.Here is a Web-Utility which helps to prevent others from copying our content from our documents without our consent.

Vuzit is a web-based document viewer which you can embed in any web page.You can upload any document and embed it in any web page.Still your content is safe.It cant be copied.

Each time a user downloads the document from your website you lose a page view, as he get the entire document in just one click.Vuzit helps to keep the visitors on your site thus increasing the time of their visit and also encouraging them to visit more pages from your website inturn increasing your page views.Thus,it also gives the opportunity for your visitors to see your advertising.

As Vuzit is entire built with web-services and Ajax it get easily integrated with any web platform.Also it is easy to add Vuzit to any web page.The Customization option proves to be very useful as we can change the colours to match the look of our web page.You can also change the icons and set your own logo.