Compare Different Font Faces & Styles on Same Page

We often find that some differences and similarities between different font faces. But these comparisons don’t give us the exact picture of different font styles. What if we could see the similarities and differences of different font faces on a SAME PAGE ?

Using TYPETESTER we can compare between different font faces and font styles. A long list of fonts is presented and we can compare between three of those fonts at the same time on the same page. It is a font testing utility.

Also we can watch the same font in Bold, Italics, Regular, UpperCase Regular,etc. We can write any Sample text which we would like to compare in TYPETESTER so as to get the exact idea of how it looks like, when we publish it or use it for our purpose.

Also we can use attributes like Font-size, alignment, background colour,font-colour, word-space and a lot more to get the exact idea of our work.

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    this is real cool…now my blog is better looking