Edit any Online Webpage Live!

As a prank I always wished to edit online web pages. Although half of my wish has come true,the other half wont ever come true because it would be considered as hacking.Now it possible to edit any online web pages live in your Browser.

javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true’; document.designMode=’on’; void 0

You need to copy-paste the above code in your browser window to edit the web page which is currently open in that window.There is no need to use Photoshop or any image editing software.This magic code does everything on its own. See the edited Image below:

If you find this code difficult to remember then just drag this Edit Current Page bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmark toolbar. This will help you edit any website live. But the edits are not saved. The changes made to the web page are lost after refreshing the web page.

This bookmarklet works with all the well-known browsers(Safari, FireFox, Internet Explorer,Opera).Techzilo lists many such bookmarklets to modify webpages.

As editing webpages have become so easy,forgery and frauds are surely going to rise.So now you know how easy it is to modify web content and even a small kid could do it. Beware of what you see online… it could not be true! Getting the Source code of the changed page is easy (just a right click on any webpage >> View Source).So it can be deceptive.
Thanks Techzilo

  • Sarvesh

    I tried it worked pretty well.

    Just wished it could be saved !!

  • Girish

    This is too cool