Find Free Wi-Fi HotSpots

Many of us, cannot afford to stop our work even when we are shopping or when having some food at the restaurant. It has always been quite a troublesome job to find out Free Wi-Fi HotSpots in our vicinity or near the place we are about to visit. FREE HotSpots are a convenient, easy way to use broadband Internet access service.

Free-Hotspot is a website which helps you find out Free Wi-Fi HotSpots near any place you want(Although it shows HotSpots registered only with itself). Using wireless technology (Wi-Fi), you can access the Internet at any of the thousands of FREE access points (HotSpots)in an increasing number of places such as cafes, hotels, restaurants and retail centers around the world.

Free-Hotspot also allows you to provide Free Wi-Fi Internet access at your venue and earn profit from it. Your shop, venue or location gets increased traffic (from upscale, tech-savvy customers) after making it a free HotSpot.You get Increased revenue from current as well as additional revenue from new clients, Also a share in Free Hotspot revenue from all your HotSpot installations. You are publicised with Free-Hotspot and also in other top HotSpot directories such as JiWire, as well as advertised on major Internet portals such as Google and Yahoo!. The installation and maintenance of your FREE HotSpot along with the tech support for user-customers is handled by Free HotSpot with a convenient Help Desk telephone support. You are free to pay attention to your own business. There are just 1 year contracts(No long-term) for FREE HotSpot Operators, after which they can renew or cancel.

Apart from all this,Free Wi-Fi is something different you can offer to your clients which normally other don’t,Giving you an edge over them.


    Can this hifihotspot service work in Nigeria?