Gmail Allows Remote Log-Off Service.

Often this happens with us. We sign in to a Web-Mailing service and after finishing the work we forget to sign-off, we directly close the Browser window. Such a session is considered active. If the next user who uses the same Mailing service on the same PC gets directly logged-in to your account.Thus you are in Trouble !!

Someone else who encounters an active session not only can read your personal messages, but they also can use that account to grab your passwords from many online services that offer to send reminders via e-mail.It might also result in a financial loss.

Taking all this conditions under consideration,Google Inc.’s Gmail now allows remote log-off service. Gmail service is trying to address that by letting you know if you’re still logged on elsewhere and giving you a chance to disconnect remotely.At the bottom of a Gmail inbox is a small notice of other active sessions. The new feature, being rolled out to users in waves, also offers some information on the time and location of recent Gmail activities. This is really helpful.

Other Web-Mailing Agents like YahooMail, Hotmail, AOL Mail, etc do not provide similar notice or ability to remotely log off. Cheers to Google Inc.’s Gmail !!!

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