Submit your Website-URL to Yahoo, MSN & Google

Came across the fact that your website is not listed in major search engines? Try some Search engine optimization techniques suggested by us. Also you can check the presence of your website in search engine rankings. Anyways, the first step in SEO (Search Engine optimization) is submitting your website-URL to major search engines, so that your website is crawled regularly by those search engines and your website remains in their search engine rankings.

Submitting your Website this way does not guarantee that you’ll be indexed, but along with the use of SEO techniques, the chances of getting indexed increase tremendously.

Submitting to Google
Submitting a website url to Google is quite easy as the instructions provided by Google are pretty straightforward. You just need to submit the top-level page (in most cases-homepage) and Google will run a crawl over you entire website. Google updates its index once a month. After submitting your Website, periodically check whether your site is showing up in Google or no. If not, resubmit the site again after 35-40 days. Do not over-submit. It can be treated as spam. The URL submission is to be done here:

Submitting to Yahoo
Yahoo allows submission of the website top-level page or you site-feed page. On submitting any one of these, the entire website is crawled. This Yahoo utility is known as Yahoo Site Explorer. Submit your URL to Yahoo here:

Submitting to Windows Live Search or MSN
A good amount of inbound links guarantee sure listing on Live Search engine. But in some cases it doesn’t happen. URL submission of Live Search is done here:

After introducing your site to these search engines crawlers, it takes a minimum of 24 hours to get listed on Search engines. So keep checking!

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