Test Website Loading time.Fast or Slow?

First thing which every Internet surfer wishes is Fast Loading websites. So, the first step for a successful online presence is a Fast Loading website. Also, serving website-visitors with fast loading websites is the duty of good Web-designers and Webmasters. But how to find out the loading time of any website? What is taking your website so long to load?

Load time of any website can be measured using Pingdom online tool. It is an uptime and downtime performance monitoring tool for websites and servers. An entire web page load test include analysis of images, CSS, JavaScript, RSS, Flash and frames/iframes. The statistics obtained include the Total loading time, the total number of objects loaded, the number of external objects on websites, HTML, etc.

Also this Pingdom brand recently launched a Load time analyzing bookmarklet which has the same function. Just drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar and then click it on any website to check its loading time. Check out this tool by using the utility below:

This service helps to know how each element loads on a webpage, from connection to the complete load and it also helps to identify the scripts or widgets or other issues which are slowing down a website. Bloggers and webmasters would find this tool very helpful as it will help them to minimize their website loading time.

Share your website loading time and compare it with others. Tech-Freak Stuff homepage currently loads in 2.9 seconds. Can your website beat this?

  • zuborg

    I would also recommend to use this online free performance testing tool – http://Site-Perf.com/

    It measure loading speed of page and it’s requisites (images/js/css) like browsers do and shows nice detailed chart – so you can easily spot bottlenecks. It’s very detailed and accurate, supports a lot of features like Keep-Alive and HTTP-compression.

    Also useful feature is that this tool can measure quality of internet link of your server.

  • Tech freak

    Thanks friend for refering a good link:Site-Pref.com

  • http://www.honeytechblog.com/how-to-optimize-website-loading-time-and-performance/ Honey Singh

    The best way to optimize the http requests are:
    1.Use CSS sprites instead of separate images
    2.Use formatted CSS and java-script instead of lengthy file have use-less gaps.
    3.Use less no of CSS and JS (as per required)
    for example on wordpress their are various useless scripts and CSS called due to several plugins. You can avoid all this by removing the from header.
    4.Avoid use of iframes
    5.Avoid flash files on the home / landing pages.