Send Anonymous Emails without Email Account

Pranks are back! Sending anonymous Emails..Don’t want to reveal your identity to the Email recipient? Don’t have an Email account? Don’t even want to create one? No Problem! Now sending emails is possible without owning an email address. No need for passwords or usernames!

Write a Mail and send it to anyone you want without revealing your identity. Note2Email is a Web 2.0 utility which allows you to send anonymous Emails. There is no need to sign-up for using this utility. Just write a Note and the recipient’s Email address and your Anonymous mail is send.

In some cases it happens that you need to send an Email but you don’t want to sign-in to your existing Email account. This cases arise when you are connected to any unsecured networks. In such cases, Note2Email comes handy.

Also there is no need to enter your existing Email address, while sending the anonymous Email. Thus there is no way in which your identity can be revealed. Its simple and fast!

*Update: The Site was not functional anymore, So the links have been removed!

  • Anonymous

    thts cool!

  • Jnanesh

    Thanks. good piece of info.

  • Kulin Shah

    That site is not working any more gives an internal 500 error

  • Rohit Sane

    Ohh may be some temporary problem!

  • Kocuh longchhay

    Dear sir
    i want to hacker into
    and please i give find me. if you can find it . you tell me !!!
    because i want to know those!

    i will hope hear from you soon!

    kouch Longchhay.

  • Alex

    I have found a great online based tool for sending emails anonymously for free without registration. There is: I hope it can be helpful.

  • Matthew

    awww, but how am I going to bug my friends. Can’t u update this with a working website?

    instead of leaving the article up but then including that note at the bottom after I’ve already wasted my time reading the article only to find out the site doesn’t exist anymore.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Matthew: will update the post with a working website soon!


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  • Blue

    Are you sure this works?

  • Delta

    Yeah, I’m sure.

  • Echo

    Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!

  • Charlie


  • Charlie

    Oh, dang it, I forgot you could “Reply” to posts… and we didn’t use that! Dx

  • Echo

    good point, Charlie.

  • Blue

    I wonder what Delta thinks of your comment.

  • Rey

    you sound really creepy. Just so you know.
    P.S. Exactly which skywalker ARE you? Luke, Leia, Anakin?