Google Sites to Replace Google Page Creator soon

Google page creator, among the best free website creation service will no longer accept sign-ups now, Even though existing users will be able to use this produced like before. Google Pages was a part of Google labs, but unfortunately we have to declare that it will never graduate itself to a full-featured service.

Google has shifted its focus from developing Google Sites, which is a similar utility like Google page creator. But it lacks some great features which Google Pages had. We can upload pre-designed HTML pages in Google Pages while this feature is not allowed in the new Google Sites.

Also, all the uploaded content on Google Pages will be shifted to Google Sites at the end of this year. So, links to this content might lead to a problem of Broken Links in many places. Even I will need to change a lot of links.

This is what Google states : “We are no longer accepting new sign-ups for Page Creator because we have shifted our focus to developing Google Sites, which offers many of the capabilities of Page Creator along with new features like site-level navigation, site-level headers, control over who can see and edit your site, and rich embeddings like calendars, videos, and Google docs.

If you are currently a Page Creator user, you can continue to use Page Creator and your pages will automatically be transitioned to Google Sites later this year. We are committed to making this transition as smooth and easy as possible, and we will post more details as we get closer to the transition time. You can also manually move your web pages from Page Creator to Google Sites or other service providers at any time.
Thanks Satish

  • Tomi Häsä

    I don’t like this at all. Now I have to tell about my new URLs in all the website and forum profiles I’m using (unfortunately I was expecting GPC to graduate from Google Labs). I also need to tell search engines my new URLs in case I want to move from Google Page Creator to some other site than Google Sites (for example Yahoo! GeoCities allows uploading HTML files). I’m used to creating geeky old school pages (optimized for any web browser and any operating system and making the size of the documents as small as possible still including all the important information on the pages) with little unnecessary content that is created by Web 2.0 technology used by Google Page Creator Page Manager and Google Sites.

    With Google Page Creator you could upload HTML files and that’s why with GPC it was much easier to make your pages look exactly the way you wanted with uploaded HTML files and CSS files (or CSS in HTML). With Google Sites you can’t upload HTML files or use scripting either.

    When I tried moving my Google Page Creator pages to Google Sites, I had to copy and paste the HTML source from the HTML files and change and tweak the HTML and it still looks disgusting. Also, my week old Google Sites website got banned, because its spam filter sucks so I had to contact the Google Sites team to get my Google Sites website back. Now my pages are back to Google Page Creator and I’m not sure what I should do. Google Sites is definitely Beta and should be told on every page on that service.

  • Rohit Sane

    yaa…what u say is absolutely right..i completely agree with u..but we cant take any action against Google’s decision…

  • Col

    As Google Sites does not allow it’s users to upload html pages, it will not become very popular (it’s certainly pissed me off).

    Granted, the page designer may to be better than the rubbish suppied in Google Creator and the way you can make folders is great but for the developers, Google Sites is a kick in the teeth. And is it not these types of people Google need to use all these advanced features they are suppling in Google Sites?

    I currently have a site with Google Pages where I upload externally created pages and I think it’s great unlike their new junk. When Google Pages gets put to sleep, I shall not be moving to Google’s “improved” service.

  • Tech freak

    Hey Col! I completely agree with you on your decision…Google is indeed going wrong somewhere…But can u let us know where are you going to host your pages when Google Page Creator will be terminated from Google services?