Free Unlimited Web-Hosting Space and Bandwidth

Rarely we get anything for free. And when we are getting Unlimited Hosting Space and Bandwidth for free, then there is nothing better than that. Many of us shell out a part of their income as a Hosting fee. Also remember that I am not talking about any Blogging service which gives such benefits.

Yola gives these benefits and also you can create your own website here for free. For website you create in Yola, they allow free Unlimited Hosting Space and Unlimited Bandwidth. It is Quite Reliable too. For normal amateur web-designers, they have the facility of using their service with their website subdomain-suffix as in:

But the main advantage lies that Synthasite(now Yola) allows you to use your Owned Domain with the website you prepare with them. Also this domain is hosted for free on their servers. So no Hosting Costs even with Unlimited Bandwidth.

There are only 72 templates(as of now) to choose from so your website would not appear unique, but you can surely edit the template to an Small extent.Another disadvantage is that Uploading HTML pages is prohibited, and the maximum limit of a single file that can be uploaded is 5mb. But, Creating a website here does not need any technical expertise, so everyone are welcome!

If you have already hosted your website to any different server and you are in need of some hosting space to store your data then you can always use Yola by creating a test account. Example: You want to upload some songs and then link those songs for download from your Website,then you can surely do it.

For questions and more information about Hosting a website on Yola or you want to inquire about any other Hosting service or need a guide for selecting proper Web Hosting, ask in comments or contact me via Email.

  • Sash

    Synthasite actually has over 70 templates, and they are adding more in Jan’09

  • Tech freak

    Hey Sash,
    I apologize, but it was actually a typing error. You are actually correct.
    The error is being corrected. Thanks for bringing it to notice.

  • Sarz

    Its so gr8 of you to share your mining outputs !!

    Thanks .. . . . . a gr8, useful site !

  • Sarz

    The best part is. . . . the domain name . . the way you want it !

  • Tech freak

    Hey Sarz,
    I am Happy to tell my tips and tricks to my loyal readers like you. Stay tuned! You will get more…

  • Danin is very inconvenient.

    it gives very very bad performance on Firefox

  • ed

    I couldn’t be more impressed with Synthasite. The ease of use that allows a complete novice like me to build a website is beyond amazing…

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