Play Video Games on Youtube

Youtube is the most used Video-streaming website in the world. But now apart from videos, people have started designing Games for Youtube. This means, we can play Video Games inside the Youtube Video Player. According to Rules from Google, linking external content from the Youtube Video Player is not allowed.

But recently, HexoLabs a mobile game development company, found a creative use of this limitation. They have created a Game called A Car’s Life using this limitation.

Play the game here:

It is a fun Game with just One Rule. You Don’t have to let the Car crash. For this you need to click on the Click button which appears for a very short time during the video. If you click the Button on time, you get to the next level which is also an extension of this Youtube Game. The button is basically a link to the next Video clip in the Game.

Enjoy the All new Youtube Video Game. According to me it is the First Youtube Game ever produced.

  • Navin

    good job hexolabs !
    but i dont think people are going to enjoy this………