What is Alexa rank of Alexa.com ?

Alexa ranking system is among the most popular ranking system which rates blogs and Websites on the basis of the traffic they attract (alexa toolbar users). Advertisers and other traffic analysers give a lot of importance to the Alexa traffic rank before considering to Advertise on a particular website. This gives added importance to Alexa.

Yahoo ranks number 1 in alexa ranking followed by Google. But when we try to find the Alexa ranking of Alexa.com itself then we get an unexpected result saying “Data Not Available”. So how to find Alexa rank of Alexa.com?

Alexa rank of Alexa.com is not Listed anywhere. We don’t know it and we cannot find it.

So, we can only make guesses what can be the alexa rank of alexa.com . There are two most used logics which try to guess this rank :

1. Alexa Rank of alexa.com is 1 because it is calculated by considering the data collected by people who use Alexa toolbar. People who know about alexa would tend to visit it regularly to find out the rank of their websites or other websites or compare between the traffic of two or more websites.

2. Alexa does not rank itself because it will lose its credibility. It ranks all Amazon(alexa’s parent company) sites like : amazon.com, a9.com, imdb.com

According to me, both these logics used are true in their own ways. And I would like to tell you all, “Please dont waste your time finding the alexa rank of alexa.com.”

  • Anthony James Barnett – author

    I’d go with the logic that Alexa would would lose credibility if you could rank it.

    It’s a bit like Royalty, the more secretive it is the more we respect it….


  • Fortune Park Hotels Ltd

    Google has moved up in the Alexa rankings and is now placed in the second position behind a very consistent yahoo.com. Google has replaced MSN.com which is now placed at the third positions. However, the traffic reach of live.com is rapidly increasing and Microsoft is seemingly putting all its attention in Live.com. One need not be surprised if Live.com conquers the top position in the near future.