Gameular : Video Reviews of Games

Got bored of those textual reviews which take a lot of time to go through and also don’t give you the exact picture of the Game? Not to worry! A great alternative to more traditional game review sites is recently being launched. A site which gives you video reviews of most games on various gaming platforms namely: PC, Xbox 360, Ps3, Wii, Ps2, Ds, Psp, etc. Also, the games which are reviewed are among the latest ones. (Example: Crysis Warhead, Mass Effect,etc)

Gameular gives all Game reviews in video format. So you don’t need to go through any text, and possibly get stuck in anything. Also the game reviews are very informative and gives you a very good idea about the game.

Also, another advantage of these video reviews is that, these are made by amateur gamers like you, me, or may be anyone. So, these Video game reviews that aren’t boring anymore, like the ones you would find on a professional Game-Review website. Also, you yourself can sign-up and start reviewing Games you want. The reviews always come from the point of view of a gamer, which makes each review a lot more subjective, clear and easy-to-understand.

This site gets an awesome feel, when the tag line says:

Video Game Reviews by us, not “the Man”

So all you lazy Gamers who hate reading game reviews, watch out