All Twitter Profiles have got a Pagerank

Recently, I came across a post by a fellow Blogger code named-“Agent 001”, which brought to my notice that Every Twitter Account has its own PageRank. Even though the basic concept that each page of every website can have a PageRank was very clear in my mind, I was astonished to come accross the fact that the Home page of each profile of a social networking website [Twitter] had its own PageRank.

I hurriedly checked the PageRank of my twitter profile [] just to find out that I was not assigned any PageRank yet because there are not many quality links linking to my Twitter account. Anyways, doing some more research on this topic brought to my notice that all the outgoing links from Twitter are “NoFollow” links which means that they wont be crawled by search engines.

So, this means that even though this can’t help you to get any PageRank juice for any External link placed in your Profile, it can be a good source of quality backlinks, which send in a lot of traffic. Linking your Blog through your twitter profile is a very good idea to publicise it as well as to get known yourself. Also, letting your followers know about the latest updates on your Blog is a good way to get known.

So even though your Twitter Account has a decent PageRank it is in no-way going to help your Blog with PageRank juice.

  • clickkt

    Very interesting information. Thanks!

  • Shashank Shekhar

    1st thing is disappointed to know that it is a blogger powered website…

    2nd this pagerank is also useless coz if u see some popular blogger they dont even have pr n some having pr 3 so i dont think it makes ne sense…newayz…I liked ur articles only hoped that it was wordpress powered…

  • Chethan T

    Let me check my Twitter profile PageRank.. curious to know!

  • Taufiq Hasan

    Yes, that’s true.. My profile has 3 of PR, if we are a famous person maybe we can get 6 of PR. 😀