Tech-Freak Stuff gets Google PageRank 2

It has been all because of the Constant Support of my Readers, Commentators and the Bloggers who link to the Good Content here at Tech-Freak Stuff. Also, the Samaritans who Bookmark the Useful Articles written here on Social Bookmarking Websites for others to refer, have a great part to play in this achievement. Tech-Freak Stuff has moved to Google PageRank 2!

The first ever Google PageRank which Tech-Freak Stuff received as the PageRank 1 long back. But it declined to PR 0 when we shifted to WordPress about 4 months back. But I continued posting valuable comments on other blogs and other bloggers also liked the Content here, which got me Good Backlinks.

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I am thankful to all those who are the Part of this ever Increasing Tech-Freak Stuff Community. I am also hoping for a PR rise to upto PR 4 in the next six months and I am ready to take Proper steps for that. I just hope that you all support me in the same way you have always done. Thanks!!

Editorial: I might not be able to update Tech-Freak Stuff frequently for the next 2 months because of my Engineering Exams.

  • Cindy

    Good for you! Keep up the good work. Mine is now a do-follow blog as well and I am hoping to get some nice traffic!