Did your WordPress Blog ever go Blank? Not yet? But, It can happen with you too, So be prepared for it!

Have you ever opened your blog to see everything gone? None of your posts will be visible only the empty Theme with Ads all around! I know you will get a shock of your life, and Even I did! Yesterday, when I opened my blog, I got a message “Nothing found” written in the posts section of my theme. I was just about to faint and was not understanding what exactly was going on. It was 2 years of my hard work perishing in just 1 second! There was nothing left.

I started searching Google on what might have caused it and How can I undo this change. But I dint find any relevant and helpful articles. Most articles talked about various such cases which have happened before. Even I had noticed such a case with a fellow blogger who blogs at “The Bad Blogger“. I wrote a comment on his blog but the reply never came anytime soon.[The comment got deleted too]

Then I logged in to FaceBook and started searching for Bloggers in my Friends list. I started chatting with 3-4 of them and explained them my problem. They were helpful but most of them dint have enough knowledge about this issue. Everyone asked me the same question “Do you have the back-up of your Database?” and my answer was “NO”! I was cursing myself for never taking a back-up of my WordPress Blog.

I was really depressed and tears were just about to flow from my eyes! Various thoughts were crossing my mind. “I have lost everything what I earned in the last 2 years”, “My Alexa rank of top 1,00,000 will be gone” and so on..

That was when I found “Piyush Kumar“, a FaceBook friend whom I had befriended the same morning, Online on FaceBook chat. I did not know that he was a blogger and I crazily send him a buzz saying “Help Needed”. He was quick to reply. I told him the exact problem of what had exactly happened and that I dint have the back-up of my database.

He though over it quickly and asked me weather I had access to the CPanel of my hosting provider and also to the PHPMyAdmin. I said yes! He asked me for the Username and the Password of my hosting provider and I gave it to him without even thinking over it. I had visited my database just before talking to him just to find out the “wp_posts” table in the database totally empty and corrupted.

Piyush had a look at it and told me that he may be able to get back the “wp_posts” table of the database. I was happy to hear it! I dont really know What he did, but I think he restored the database to the latest known stable one. The corruptness was gone. I had life back in my heart!

He asked me to take the back-up of the Database ASAP and I did exactly as he said! My blog was back in action. But when I refreshed my blog while backing-up the Database, I got an error saying “Error Establishing Database Connection”. I was so nervous and was about to cry! I tried to buzz Piyush, but he had gone Offline by that time. I also buzzed him on the Gmail chat, but he wasn’t there too. So, I nervously questioned on his Wall weather he was still Online? And within 2 minutes he commented on it saying “yep ! tell me..” It felt better to see him Online.

He told me that the error was because I was backing-up my database and So, the database was not able to connect with my Browser. My Blog started working fine again after the backup!

He asked me to change the Password of my database and Hosting account as he had know it. He appeared quite trustworthy, but still I did it and from then on “Error Establishing Database Connection” message was present on my blog for 17 hours! My mistake was that I changed the Database Password but dint change the password in the wp-config.php file. Now when I have done it, I am writing this post for saying thanks to Piyush Kumar for his Instant Help and Valuable suggestions.(Join Piyush on Facebook) I might have never got my Blog back without him!

Now all you guys, Please Back-up your WordPress Database first and then do all the other work! I just escaped the biggest disaster of my Blogging career but you may not be as lucky as I am. Take Care!

  • http://40tech.com Evan Kline

    Scary story. It sounds like Piyush was a guardian angel. I’m pretty thorough with automated backups, but a story like this makes me want to even add another layer or two to my methods.

  • http://techzeus.com Neeraj Joshi

    Nice to see that you are back in action. Even I am facing the same problem on my another blog “Error Establishing Database Connection”. I am sure My problem is not exactly the same as yours but really bent my mind to think otherwise too :) Good to know that we have persons helping enough!
    I have always tried to help people the best possible way I can. This is the beauty of the Blogosphere.

    Help and Be helped and we both Win! :)

  • http://bijayrungta.com Bijay Rungta aka @rungss Sharing Knowledge..

    I started chatting with 3-4 of them and explained them my problem. They were helpful but most of them dint have enough knowledge about this issue.

    That is not very nice of you…

    I came here in hope that I will see some nice words about me… and at least a link..

    you said the Table has been deleted… I could think it might have been corrupted but corrupted tables still show up in your Database, you just can;t access any data from it…

    Thats the reason I did not ask you for checking Database thing…

    Besides that, I was really very tired…
    I though by the time I take a nap you take all the backups that you can and then when I get back Iwould get your System back in place..

    I was dead sure that I can get back your System in its entirety..

    @rungss on Twitter

  • http://chaaps.com Chethan

    Thanks For Sharing, I will be Cautious from Now On!

  • http://technobuz.com sham

    That’s pretty scary stuff dude..Happy that it’s all back to normal..Cheers!

  • http://techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @ Bijay: Extremely Sorry! I completely agree that I might have made an error in explaining my problem to you! But I never said that You were not knowing anything. I was chatting with other bloggers as well and most of them dint have any idea about it. And that really was the case.

    No offenses to you Bijay. Sorry if I let you down!

    You can expect a link to a good article of yours in my next round-up posts for voicing out your thoughts frankly here. Thanks for that.

    @ Neeraj Joshi: Bloggers are very helpful when you actually need them. I love this thing about the BlogoSphere. But many are selfish too. You will understand this point when I stress on it in one of my lined up posts.

  • http://www.mostlyblog.com Mostlyblog

    hey Rohit thanks to sharing with us, i am afraid now, becoz i am also not taking backup of my blog.
    I need your help so i am going to mail you.

  • http://techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @MostlyBlog: Don’t panic! But be fast in your actions. Mail me and I will help you out as far as I can!

  • http://www.extremejohn.com Extreme John

    I just had this happen last week after I updated like 12 plugins at one time :)

    I’m wreckless.

  • http://sahilkotak.com Sahil Kotak

    WOW Rohit!! I was amazed that you have never taken backup in two years?? I should tell you that Take Daily Backups. Because your site is hosted on a server and which is a machine a problem can change your site. Or may be your site will be went off.

    I take backup always and I know it’s importance because I also had faced such situation with one of my blog.

    You can also start Auto-Backups in your cPanel. That is useful tool.


  • http://www.strictlyonlinebiz.com/blog/ Udegbunam Chukwudi

    Lol. I’m laughing now but I wasn’t when it happened to me twice. I’ve been blogging for 7 months only but those 7 months seem like forever and I was this close to losing it then. My regular database backups saved the day and thus prompted my writing this guest post @ QuickOnlineTips: How To Backup and Restore WordPress Database
    I currently have two database backup plug-ins on my blog now. Just should in case one effs up.

  • http://greatestreviews.net/ Agent 001

    I had also got “Nothing Found” on my blog too. But it was all correct in the next few seconds.

    Also I always have daily backups. So I do not worry much about it.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  • http://techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @Sahil: I was on Blogger till about 3 months Back! So, there was no need to take back-ups. But, after facing such a situation, I wont ever miss out doing Back-Ups regularly.

    @Udegbunam Chukwudi: I know how it feels to see your Totally working Blog dead. Thanks for sharing your guide on WordPress database back-up. I hope it will help my readers.

  • http://mytechquest.com Steve Yu

    I do take backups once in a while. After hearing to your “scary” story, I think I should take backups regularly. Lol… you are lucky this time! :-)

  • http://choosyinfo.com Ruchi

    I do take backups regularly but than also reading this I will be more cautious. Thanks for sharing .

  • http://techpatio.com Klaus @ TechPatio

    Two years without a database-backup…. apparently you don’t like your blog that much 😀 I hope you start doing daily backups now :)

  • nisha

    Hey Rohit it was a very scary story. i can actually imagine the whole thing happening like a scene.
    Anyways thank god Techfreakstuff is back on air… or else ur readers wud have been disappointed.

  • http://techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @Ruchi: Taking regular back-ups is surely advised!

    @Klaus: I was on blogger until three months back! There was no need of back-ups…But I love my blog more than most of the things in my life..and I am going to take regular back-ups from now on!

    @Nisha: Thanks, that you care for Tech-Freak Stuff. Take care.

  • http://tweetmato.com Jacob Yap

    Too bad. I do worry this will happen to me one day. So I always backup my WP database. Hope you’re fine now.

  • http://www.shoutmeloud.com Harsh Agrawal

    Glad that you resolved the issue and I hope you got the moral of the story backup every day… and Must say Piyush is a nice guy, as he helped you completely in this problem.

  • http://www.technogati.com Surender Sharma

    The same situation occurred on my blog yesterday evening but I solved the issue by deleting cache and I disable cache. After all i checked the blog in chrome. It was in normal previous stage.
    I think we should get ready face to this type of problems by keeping database safe on CDs and even in mailbox etc.

  • http://techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @Surender: You are absolutely correct. We should make back-ups and store them at a safe place!

  • http://www.ableblogger.com Amar

    Damn, That was actually scary. Thanks for this wonderful post. I will keep it in mind

  • http://ducedo.com Stefan

    This happen to one of my sites and I never figured out the reason. I reinstalled it, inactivated all plugin, changed themes, etc. For some reason it went blank as soon as I activated more than two plugin. It didn’t matter which two, just two simple as Akismet.

    I ended up selling the domain since there was nothing left I could do.

  • http://techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @Stefan: keep this in mind for further encounters with this same issue! Sorry that you dint get any solution to your problem when you actually needed it.

  • http://www.techguruhere.com Arjun

    Thanks for this will be taking some precautions to it.

  • http://bradblogging.com Brad Ney

    You should download a copy of the WordPress automatic backup plugin.. (just do a quick google search) – It backups your database daily and sends the file to a gmail account!

  • http://techvilla.org Pavan Somu

    wow such a nice article.. everyone will be cautious from now after reading this article

  • http://www.techcats.net/ Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    this post warns me to be more cautious..

  • http://c-cplusplus.com Om


    I am facing a similar problem on my blog http://www.c-cplusplus.com – i am trying to contact Piyush as well – can you help?