Remember that POLICE are keeping a watch on your Social Networking and Email profiles

Cyber crime is on the rise and its high time governments should take some steps to curb it. According to the Amendments of the Information Technology Act(2009), due to increasing rise in cyber crime, Indian Government has finally granted complete access to the POLICE to everyone’s Email and Social Networking profiles for Security purposes.

The Government has allowed the POLICE to hack into the account of suspicious Users and take proper steps. Indian Hacking Expert Ankit Fadia said in an interview that there has been increased rise in the Terrorist activities on the Internet. Terrorists now use intellectual methods to communicate to their counterparts.

Ankit Fadia says, He decoded a terrorist message which was encrypted inside an Image post 9/11. As all the emails send can be tracked, Terrorist now don’t send Emails, they just type the message and save it inside the Drafts of the Emailing service and give the password of the Account to their counterpart, So the Email is not tracked and message is communicated appropriately.

The Cyber Police are also keeping a track on Social Networking profiles. Recently 3 Rave parties were raided after tracking them on the Social Networks. Police are keeping a watch on Profiles which use the keywords “rave”, “cool”, “weed”, “party”, etc regularly. Don’t be shocked if you are asked to visit the Police Station for clearing any doubts.

All this has created a lot of chaos in the minds of the Cyber Generation. There are various issues coming up! Recently, a German Boy aged 21 was trying to sue the security for keeping a watch on his online activity (he called it spying) without his prior legal permission and without his notice.

Also, people are calling it as Invasion of privacy. They say that POLICE don’t have any right to peep in their personal matters.

Do you regard this step by the Government as Invasion of Privacy or you believe it will be helpful in curbing the cyber crime? Your views please..

  • Ramkumar

    I hope they dont do this in India. And I should say its bad luck to the German boy as the law would say “this is legal”.

  • Gabe |

    Or, if people had brains, they wouldn’t post anything on the Internet that they don’t want the police, their parents, or their employers to know about.

  • Aditya

    I think its ok to implement these types of policies as a start. Of course, once this is implemented on a wide scale, amendments will have to made in order to protect the privacy of citizens. But, in view of the past incidents, i think its about time we DO something about terrorism !!

  • Phaoloo

    If you do right things, why should we be afraid of police?

  • Rohit Sane

    @Ramkumar: I think you are very scared! Dont worry man, I hope you are not into criminal activities, POLICE are smart enough to differentiate between Criminals and Non-Criminals.

    @Gabe: You are absolutely right! Everything mentioned on the Internet is an Open Secret.

    @Aditya: Its high time we do something about the terrorist Activities! I am glad you support this Step from the Government.

    @Phaoloo: Absolutely! No need to worry when you know that you are not doing anything wrong.

  • Ruchi

    I guess , It must start in India also. There should be rules and regulations for internet use.

  • Hen Night Ideas

    Scary stuff, but lets face it with the level of CCTV etc should we be surprised?

  • garden flamingos

    It depends on the country ,basically its more popular in western countries where the laws are more tight

  • India 365

    Wow, you really got cool stuff in your bad buddy. I appreciate your work, especially this article. And now coming back to the article, yes as far as u are not involved in any criminal activity, no one can touch you, that’s the point. I know few folks would be scared after reading this one.

  • Arafat Hossain Piyada

    There should be rule and regulation in Internet uses and we all know nothing is secure on internet so you just take away your private matter from internet. Anybody can watch you and tack you and social media is the most easiest way to trace your activity.

  • S.Pradeep Kumar

    Oops. That’s a secure measure.

    I think people are also concentrating on YouTube Profiles, cyber bullying takes place often there.

  • Taranfx

    They have to otherwise we get to hear so many mishaps on the news. It’s for our own good.

  • Agent 001

    Lets see how this goes. Its a good step taken but there will always be drawbacks.

    One thing every one must understand here is that everything on Internet is unsafe. So be careful.

  • Kiran

    This is important to implement. The question of invasion of privacy is irrelevant and only matters if one is guilty or a cyber criminal.

  • Pavan Somu

    From now no one will keep those words in their profile.

  • Startup Speed Boost

    I’m with Gabe on this one. People make far too many assumptions about the accessibility of private information online. Whenever you post something online, think of it as posting a billboard in the middle of your city. With your name, face, and mailing address. If you’re not comfortable with that, don’t post it.

  • Buick Pontiac GMC Dealer Iowa

    “The Government has allowed the POLICE to hack into the account of suspicious Users and take proper steps.”

    yeah and what exactly qualifies someone as a suspicious user? I think its wrong for the government to give complete access to the police. What is this, enemy of the State?