How to use Twitter as a keyword research tool?

Twitter SEO tipsI am not crazy and I know that Twitter is a Social Media tool! It sounds weird that we are using Twitter as a keyword research tool instead of our normal Google Keywords tool for SEO. But once, you understand how to go about it and how it will profit you, you will love this idea for sure! So, first understand the fact that Twitter has got enough number of active users, so that they resemble the usage of normal users all over the world.

So, before you get confused about what I am trying to say, try to figure out how we can find the most searched keywords from Twitter at a particular time. You can always use Google Trends, but Twitter seems to show quite targeted results at the proper time.

Everyone knows that we can find the most searched keywords using the list of “Recent Trending Topics”. But keep in mind that some hashtags like #nowplaying or #IwillNever , are just used by twitter users for gaining attention and they are not the trending topics in the real Search industry. Now if you want to optimize your Blog post for local Search, then you can use Local trending topics instead of Worldwide trending topics.

After finding the proper trending topics [we will call it keywords] to write a post, just start writing your post as fast as you can and try to finish it in 15-20 minutes. But don’t publish the post yet! Wait for the right time.

Now, when will be the right time?
The right time is when the Trending Topic keywords enter the top 5 spots in the list. This is the time when people really start getting excited about the topic and start finding more and more information about it. It is observed that twitter users are the first to talk about any topic and then that topic gets viral and then covers the Search engine scene.
Twitter and Google SEO
Now why did I ask you to post it when the Keyword Trending is really on its high. The reason:
Google starts using its QDF algorithm in this case. QDF stands for “Query Deserves Freshness” and when this algorithm is used, the Fresh posts i.e. New posts start appearing in the top pages of the Search results for that particular keywords.

Also, this is the time when a maximum people search for these keywords and its your chance to maximize your chances to be listed in the Top 3-5 rankings [because of your Fresh Content].

Remember, that if you are late in publishing the post, then even though the Search Queries for the Keywords is high, you may not get that good SE rankings and you will lose some valuable traffic too.

So go and start searching for the Twitter trending topics which are in the Niche of your Blog. I hope you will get a lot of traffic by ranking high for those keywords. Do, share with us any such tricks related to Google trends or Twitter. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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  • Shiva @ WP Shopping Pages

    This is a truly innovative way of getting unique, fresh and trending content in your blog. Nice idea man

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    Hmm! Interesting. Never though about doing Keyword Research on Twitter.

    Thanks Rohit for sharing this.

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    Definitely an interesting idea. I am sure you could get a lot of traffic through this but I am not into news related articles.

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    Interesting and a valid idea. Kudoes to you for coming up with this.

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    Great thinking to use twitter as a keyword research tool. Will see how effectively I can use it. Thanks. :)

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    I have used twitter to know trends. Real time search in twitter is the best one.

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    hmm.. Interesting find. These days google is undergoing lots of changes in its search algorithm!

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    I’ve started trying this out with one of my newest blogs, will get back with a comment if it helps in any way.

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    You have Neatly Explained the things…
    You have Put up an interesting graph.. in fact i was shocked to see twitter’s behavior!

    Nice Mention of QDF algorithm by Google to identify fresh content by query… this is so cool to know about google… i m interested in knowing different methods how google indexes the sites and SERPs

  • Ching Ya

    I love how you explain it, very thorough and educative. The main point is to capture the right keywords at the right timing. It’s very true that we need to take all into considerations, it’s actually the same as posting a tweet and hope it’ll go viral.

    Timing, that’s the key.

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    very nice predictions

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    Any tutor available

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    Its easy dude…No tutor available. Contact me on Social networking profiles, I will help you.

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    Very useful information I didn’t know on on the google QDF algo.
    Clearly the timing is the key issue here to get ahead of the game with Twitter.

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    Thanks for the great tips – Twitter is possibly my greatest tool, as interacting with my followers turns them into readers and turns readers into followers.

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