Free Web-Hosting Giveaway Winners Annonced!

Hey we have successfully completed the WordPress Hosting Giveaway and I am finally going to declare the Prizes. But before that, I would like to tell you that it was immense pleasure holding this contest and I am pretty happy with the participation from you all!

So now, this is what you are waiting for!
The winners:

1st Prize: Deepak from [] (you win a free Unlimited Hosting (WordPress) for 1 year)

2nd Prize: Tinh from [] (you win a free wordpress hosting for 1 year)

3rd prize: Vishal from [] (you get a discounted wordpress hosting for 25$ for the first year)

I request all the winners to register themselves on so as to receive the prizes. Please register yourselves with the Email ID’s with which you posted the comments on my blog and that too before 29th April 2010!

Congrats to all the winners and Let me tell you a new contest is coming soon!

  • abhi

    Congrats everyone :)


    Wow…I got selected…

    Thanks dude :)

  • Pankaj Gupta

    Congratulations to the winners.

  • Tinh

    Thanks, just signed up at with my email. Please let me know when and how to get hosting account

  • Agent Deepak | Blogging, Marketing & Success

    Wow! I win. I do not need the Hosting and also I am travelling now and cannot register.

    What to do? Either you give it to someone who needs it or let me register on 30th.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Tinh @Deepak @Vishal : I will get in touch with you soon!

  • Kiran

    Great job everyone, congrats!
    I missed on this contest :)

  • Sagar Gholap

    Ohh…missed the giveaway :(

    I was in need of hosting account to host a domain bought by me to start a mobile related blog. Anyways, my badluck!

    Congrats to winners :)

  • Michelle | Vinyl Banner Printing

    Congratulations everyone! This is really a great prize. If I did not have my own host then I would have really wanted something like this.

  • Tinh

    Thanks, I am wating for that

  • Arafat Hossain Piyada

    My wish goes to all winner and Rohit Sane well done. Waiting for your next contest.

  • Netchunks

    Congrats to all the winners. I was not able to participate this time since I was organizing a part of the same contest. I will surely participate in the next one. Eagerly waiting for that

  • Genite

    Congrats everyone with your prize.

  • Jon @ Real RegCure Reviews

    congrats to Deepak! I’ll keep my ears open for the next contest…

  • Dev | Technshare

    Congrats to the winners :)

  • aatif

    congrats to people who won . i will wait for new contest so that there will be mine chance :)

  • Pubudu Kodikara

    Nice contest mate! 😀 Think im too late… but congrats to all the winners! 😀

  • sharepoint training

    congratulations to the winners, i will also wait for the another contest. hmmm… :-)

  • Pardeep

    congrats 2 everyone..I missed on this contest :)