Facebook individual Comments get a like button!

Facebook entering the LIKE generation is not a story to be kept secret. Everyone knows it! Facebook recently changes the Fan Pages to LIKE Pages and now a New Change. Before this change took place, We were able to LIKE only the Wall post on Anyone’s profile. But after this feature has been rolled out by Facebook, we can now LIKE even individual Comments on Each post!! (There is no need to Hack Facebook for that)

For those who dint really get what I mean, just have a look at the ScreenShot:
Facebook Individual Comment LIKE

You will notice that, even the Comment on the Wall Post can be LIKEd. First, it was possible only to like the individual Wall posts and we could only comment in reply to a comment . But now we can also show our participation in the community by liking a Comment which some one else or we ourselves have written.

I think this is a Really good move by Facebook. It must be noted that some of the Old Posts have not been updated with this new feature but all the new Wall posts which are created are equipped with it. So have fun LIKing comments now! You can start with LIKing our Page!!

  • anamika

    This one is gr8!

  • http://nabtron.com Nabeel

    your post start have retweet 2 times. Please check the code (or i can fix it for you too)

  • http://www.techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    There is no problem in the code and everything is working properly!!

  • http://openarticlesubmission.com/ Open Article Submission

    yes its a cool feature, if there there is anything good on facebook, comment or whatever, one must like it for sure!