Make Free International calls anywhere in the world

I know you would be very surprised to read the Title and it may sound too good to be true! But this is really possible.. You can actually make calls (to any phone number) to anywhere in the world for free using your Computer and Internet connection. This mechanism is generally known be the name”VOIP” (i.e. Voice over Internet Protocol)

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You can call any phone number anywhere in the world for free using a service called Evaphone. Using this service is pretty easy; you just need to visit its website and then select the Location of the person whom you want to call. Thus, you only need to know the Country where the the Person is present (of course, His/her phone number is required too)

After selecting the Country Location of the person, Dial the phone number and wait.. You can see a small Advertisement or the progress of the Call you are attempting to make. Once it starts ringing, you can understand that you have successfully connected to the Callee.

You can clearly hear the person speak and your Voice is also transmitted over the Internet Channel without any disturbance (atleast I didn’t get any issues) So, you have successfully made a Voice Call to an International Location for free over the Internet.

Now, you may wonder weather this Service completely free? The Answer is Partially YES! This service allocated a minimum time duration of a call to any country. After the stipulated time is over, you Call gets disconnected automatically. Example: Free Calls to India mostly last for 15 seconds, while free Calls to USA lasts for a minute or more.

The Best Part about this service is that you don’t need to Download any Files or Register an Account for making Free International Calls. But, if you want to Make some Cheap International Calls, then they have fixed rates which are well below the Average rates. So, don’t wait to Call your loved ones abroad.. Just visit Evaphone

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    Useful for checking in and letting friends and family know you’re OK, but you can’t exactly have a conversion if it cuts you off after 15 seconds!

    Still, good to know – I’ll keep this in mind.

  • Sandeep Singh

    cool share .. !! but it would have been nice if they had it unlimited free calling 😀

  • vikash

    Now let me check it too, couple of years back Globe7 also come up with similar free service but soon they start to pay.

  • Avi Singh

    Yeah… I tried it … You can call anywhere for free but only for 15 seconds.

  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    Oops, If this is possible, then Airtel will lose money from one of their loyal customer and that is me. I will check it right now. Thanks for this trick.

  • Sahil Kotak

    I have used Evaphone many times just for fun 😀

  • techperk

    Wow i love this but bit unhappy with not being unlimited

  • Prashant Rohilla

    I tried calling myself…it is great but its not unlimited ..lets hope oneday it becomes.

  • Athul @ Juniorhero

    Bad that my microphone is not working or else I would have called everyone online

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    yea , i tried but can’t get clear voice because of my slow connection. I am upgrading my internet connection … can proper use it . Lol…..

  • sarkari naukri

    Thanks i will try these – Sanjeev

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    Wow. A great news for all Peoples who were searching for free calls after free SMS.

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    hi great post bt can u provide some more like this by which we can cal atleast 10 min plz iam waitng 4 ur reply