Angry Birds game for Android Phones

Angry birds was a hugely awaited Game on the Android Platform and Users were crazy to play it on their Android phones. Finally this game is out and you can Download the Full Version of Angry Birds for free.

This game was observed to be bundled with Nokia’s current Flagship phone with the Symbian 3 Operating system: Nokia N8. Angry Birds is made available to Android users for free via
Angry Birds Game for Android
It is to be noted that it is not released over the Android Market but you can Download the Full version on GetJar. This game is getting huge response from Android phone owners and it is already being downloaded by more than a Million times since its launch on 15th October 2010 (first 36 hours).

If you are not an Android user, you can still Download and Play this game by Downloading it for your iPhone or your Nokia Device using the OVI Store (get download links from HERE) But, it must be noted that this Game is not available for Free download on these Devices. Only the Android version is released for Free.

  • Prashant Rohilla

    Hey Great Game I watched Its demo on youtube,enough of flying F22’s Fly like a bird.

  • ahmed

    prashant hi
    how r u
    can u tell me how i can downlod this game

  • Rohit Sane

    @Ahmed: you can download from the link provided!!